The Sparkled Web shines in creating for heart-centered entrepreneurs.

I do this by listening carefully to your answers to my many questions. I want to know what you love (or detest) about your current site. If you do not yet have a site, I will ask you to show me samples of pages you are attracted to. I want to know your plans for your business. Do you dream of packaging your content and selling it on your site? Do you wish you could have a site where members paid you monthly for access to your pages?

As we talk about your business and your dreams, I will gain a deep understanding of your needs. I can offer you suggestions of where you can start and options of how your website can grow with you and your business.

As a heart-centered entrepreneur myself, I know what it is like to wake up each morning with ideas! And I am here to help you implement your ideas into your website.

Experience the feeling of being in alignment with your web designer!

I am a freelance web designer with a degree in Internet/Web Design from Arizona State University. With over 20 years of corporate experience, I have a clear understanding of business needs. My background combines technical writing with web design. This means I not only know how to program web pages, I ensure your content is well written!