The Sparkled Web specializes in websites created in WordPress, which you can read a bit more about below. Whether you need several hours of help installing a nifty tool such as automatic site backups, optimize your pages for SEO, add a shopping cart...or if you would like your current site recreated in WordPress so you can blog and take advantage of all the features WordPress offers, The Sparkled Web can help.

Take a look at some recent sites I developed with WordPress....

Websites Using WordPress Software

Wordpress is the popular tool used for blogging but it can also be used to create complete websites. The advantage of using this free software is that you can update your content yourself - no need to pay a website guru to make simple revisions to your pages. Here are several Wordpress websites designed by The Sparkled Web.

Click each image to view the live site and check out all the various features that WordPress offers!

Complete Branding Assistance is Available

I am connected with several wonderful graphic designers in case you need a complete branding solution for your business!

Here are some samples of my websites utilizing the expert design graphics from Laura at GrzybMEDIA. These websites are also programmed in WordPress.

Here are some samples of my websites with design work from another talented designer, Jodi Phillips. Once again, these websites are also programmed in WordPress.

Mobile Device Version of Your Website

Offer your website visitors the option to view a "slimmed down" version of your website on their mobile devices. Quickly allow them to find just the information they need at their fingertips (hours, location, phone number, a way to contact you, etc.) and then give them the choice to view your complete website if they want to see it all! Your website can be smart enough to determine if a visitor is using a smart phone!

Here are some mobile device sites I have developed for my clients...

Project Support

The Sparkled Web contracts with other companies for project work.

PS/A offers services including video production, web design and web hosting, multimedia and graphic design, CDs, DVDs, web design services, animation, support for your live event, photography, translation services and special materials for all those unique presentations and your other corporate collateral. These project were designed by Production Services Arizona and programmed by The Sparkled Web.

These projects were designed for Technical Service Center, another company The Sparkled Web has contracted with.